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A CRM designed for field service

Tailor-made for the field service industry, our customer database will easily adapt to your business model

Our Field Service Management software offers searchable customer database to make it easy to maintain up-to-date customer details and includes information on sites and serviceable equipment. We provide customizations to ensure your customer database fits the reality of your business.

Full, searchable customer database

Gain quick access to any customer's record. Each record allows you to launch a variety of common tasks (create job, add site/equipment, open job lists, etc).

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Single-screen overview

The customer detail screen shows you everything: customer geocoding, job history, sites, equipment, invoices, quotations and projects.

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Customer portal

Provide your customers with a handy portal where they can view reports and entire job history. Customers can also create jobs from this portal.

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Custom tags

Use tags to organize your clients. These tags can be used to filter many displays in Synchroteam (Schedule, map, job lists, etc.)

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Custom fields

We understand that all businesses are different, which is why Synchroteam allows you to define custom fields for everything in your customer database.

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Customer import

It’s easy to import your existing customer database into Synchroteam. We’ll even take care of geocoding the addresses so they’re ready for field service dispatching.

Customer import screenshot
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