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Dispatch jobs quickly and efficiently

Our intuitive, simple field service scheduling screens are designed to make your job as easy as possible

Examine your daily schedule in detail, or switch to broader weekly or monthly view. Our unique scheduling wizard, ScheduleAssist, works with you to take the guesswork out of effective scheduling with our dispatch software.

Interactive daily schedule

Instantly see who is booked when and for how long. Drag, drop and resize to make quick changes and schedule new jobs.

Interactive daily schedule screenshot

Weekly and monthly views

These views are useful when you need a broader view of your schedule. As with the day view, you can drag and drop here too.

Weekly and monthly views screenshot

Job scheduling optimization

Unique to Synchroteam, our job scheduling tool, ScheduleAssist, analyzes your existing schedule and suggests the best time slot for a new job. It takes various factors into account, like the skills required for the job and travel distance.

Job schedule optimization screenshot

Job Pool

The Job Pool is a list of unassigned jobs chosen by a manager/administrator. Those jobs will be available for technicians and they will be able to assign them to themselves based on their schedule.

Job Pool screenshot

Filter by skill

Focus instantly by using a filter. For example, if you filter by skill, you'll only see workers who match the skill specified.

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Connect Workers and Calendars

Workers can subscribe to our calendar feeds to receive schedule updates at all times.

Calendar connectors screenshot
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