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Map view and Geolocation with GPS tracking

Knowing where your mobile staff are and their planned routes in real time is vital

Businesses like yours frequently need to deal with customer emergencies that require swift action – how are you supposed to send someone over quickly if you don't know where everyone is? Discover our mapping service.

Workload, current location and itinerary

Field worker tracking: focus your attention on a given technician’s schedule, while also seeing the real-time location of the rest of the team.

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Map view dispatch

When you turn on the To Schedule overlay, you'll see all jobs that require scheduling and can schedule them right from the map. You can also access scheduleAssist from here.

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Live travel times with traffic info

For every journey, Synchroteam shows you estimated travel times. Turn on the Traffic overlay, and you'll see travel times adjusted according to current traffic conditions.

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