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Management software for the maintenance industry

Maintenance management software designed by Synchroteam is a new generation solution for successful management of all types of maintenance: preventive, inspection and breakdowns.

Whether you’re in the pool services, HVAC or pest control sectors, just to name a few, maintenance management is a core element in your daily workflow. Learn how Synchroteam can help you with it!

Keep all your customer’s relevant data always at hand, even from your smartphone. Access customer history, equipment inventory and any other information you may need to organize and schedule maintenance jobs efficiently.

Rapid and accurate dispatching of jobs based on real-time data, a centralized system with relevant data like customer equipment inventory, maintenance requirements in terms of service contracts and history, warranty and spare parts renewal will help your organization remain organized.

Maintenance management software with our job scheduling tool, ScheduleAssist, helps plan maintenance operations and find the technician or engineer whose skills, availability and location matches the requirement of a job. Real-time management of business activities and field workers provides the support needed for maximaum performance.

With Synchroteam, your business benefits from features such as customer, job and scheduling management and invoicing and resources tools. As web-based technology, Synchroteam can integrate into existing information systems such as your current CRM or ERP, avoiding duplicate data and allowing data exchange between Synchroteam and the exisiting systems. A secure and robust clound-based system means that the management team and technical/maintenance staff share information on PC or mobile applications at all times, making efficient planning and job allocation only a few clicks away...

Take advantage of Synchroteam's 14-day free day trial and discover the real benefits of maintenance management software. Free training and support is available. For further details about Synchroteam integration, please view our web services documentation or contact our team.

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