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Field service security keeps customers happy

As field services are using more and more cloud-based technology and cloud/mobile hybrids like Synchroteam, it’s essential that employees take security seriously. Field service software is secure, but people are still an essential part of the system. It makes sense to ensure they’re not the weakest link.

Secure your field service software - and your people

Security is in your employees’ hands

Stories of hacking and customer data theft are not going away. From Sony email hacks, to the Panama Papers and banking scandals, it’s important to remember that even if an attack is carried out by undeniably talented professionals, customers can still lose faith in a company that has been breached.

Surprisingly, many hackers don’t need to use incredibly clever techniques to break into company systems. The start of a hack is often taking advantage of employee security mistakes…

Avoid these 7 pitfalls…

1. Choosing weak passwords

This may be  obvious, but too many of us have easy to guess passwords. They should be complex, not related to things in your life, and changed regularly. Using your kids’ dates of birth is not a great idea. And ‘password123’ is asking for trouble. It’s not even uncommon for some people to write passwords on post-it notes, stuck onto their laptops! Once you’ve learnt a complex password, make sure to keep up the good work – when it’s time to change it, don’t simply add a ‘2’ to the end!

Field service software needs a good password

Changing passwords frequently can be frustrating for employees.

2. Carelessly opening email attachments

Malicious attachments are a common way for scammers and hackers to break into organizations. They make efforts to look legitimate or important, playing on our fears and, sadly, desires, to get us to open that fatal virus-laden attachment.

Making sure your team knows how to spot a sketchy email is essential. Watch out for exaggerated security threats in messages from unsolicited senders. Emails claiming to be from government agencies, and any emails with poor spelling and grammar. These should be warning signals for everyone. But maybe the best advice is warning your team not to open email attachments from unsolicited sources on company devices.

3. Downloading scam apps

It’s the new email attachment problem! Not really an issue with iPhones, but if your workforce uses Android or Windows devices, make sure they are not free to download apps freely. There are Android apps that have malicious intentions, and it’s important that work devices are not infected with them.

If employees are free to install apps, make sure they can only do so through the official stores, which are generally safe. The problems occur when people start to side-load apps that haven’t been screened for safety.

4. Not preparing for device loss/theft

Theft and loss are facts of life, so it’s important your company is prepared for this eventuality.

Make sure devices are locked down with good passwords, and that laptops, tablets and phones are always secure when not being used. It may be convenient to open your laptop and get straight to work, but that means anyone who picks it up can immediately snoop around. Get used to entering passwords every time you open a device.

Field service software - have a loss policy in place

When an employee loses a device, what happens next?

5. Mixing personal and professional email

This is surprisingly common: an employee forwards a work email to their personal account, perhaps to work on at home. It may sound innocent, but home networks and devices are often less secure than those at work, and they are almost certain not to comply with company security policy. Opening potentially sensitive emails on your personal devices puts that information at risk – companies need to think about policies to manage this threat.

6. Failing to keep contractors to the same security standards

Data breaches often come from contractors. Edward Snowden was an NSA contractor, and that security oversight by the government agency caused a lot of headaches! Of course, nothing quite so serious is likely in field services, but if you have good security standards in your company, you should make sure any contractors maintain them. Again, your security is only as strong as your weakest link.

7. Failing to deal with disgruntled workers

Sometimes relationships break down, and if your company has to get rid of someone for that reason, make sure you’re prepared! Company logins, email accounts and so on should be disabled immediately. Even waiting until the end of the day could leave plenty of time for an angry person to wreak havoc.

All of these pitfalls are avoidable. Make sure your whole team is educated and comfortable with staying secure in this modern, always-connected age. It’ll help your company run smoothly, and lets your customers know you also take their security seriously. As you already know, happy employees make good customer service reps, and good customer service makes happy – and return – customers.

Security is always worth the effort

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Connected Cars: Driving the Future of Field Service?

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Connected cars were big news at MWC this year

Mobile World Congress 2016

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Customer experience in field service

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Map view dispatch: Manage techs by the map

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Field service: what’s new in cutting-edge tech?

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Synchroteam 4.0 – the same tool, just better!

Happy 2016! New year, new features for our unique field service scheduling software. That’s how the saying goes, right?!

In case we’ve lost you already, we’re talking about Synchroteam 4.0, the brand new version of our cloud-based scheduling tool, which we launched this month (hooray! *clink*). Continue reading

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Surviving the holidays: 7 easy tweaks for ultimate calm

The holidays are coming! Yay! Personally, it’s my favorite time of year, but I’ve worked in enough offices to know that it can often be a source of worry for those who have to keep everything together over the Christmas and New Year period.

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A new website for!

You know how most people make changes as part of their new year resolution? Well, here at Synchroteam we’ve gotten a head start.

First we got a shiny new office in Paris, then we set up an entirely new base in Miami. To make sure 2015 goes out in style, we’ve topped it all off with a bright, usable new version of our website, so that you have an even easier time finding what you need.

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5 excellent books, 5 opportunities to improve your business

The year is drawing to a close. 2015 was great for business books and ever hopeful that

A relaxing fire

Sit down by the fire and get stuck into these great business books

you’ll get some down time over the upcoming festive season, I’ve lined up 5 of the best books for field service professionals. So sit down with a glass of eggnog, put your feet up, and grab one of these books – in 2016, your service business will thank you for it.

5 inspiring books for field service professionals

What Great Service Leaders Know and Do: Creating Breakthroughs in Service Firms

If you’re in the service business, you’ll know Heskett, Sasser, and Schlesinger, the pioneers of service industry innovation. Luckily for us, they released “What Great Service Leaders Know and Do” in 2015 to revisit their principles in the light of our new business reality; technology, social media, personalization and big data. In other words, they take all of the new concepts floating around field service and break them down with a service provider focus. It’s not a light read, but if you’re in a leadership position in a service company, it’s your business to read it from front to back.
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Synchroteam Corp. debuts in Miami!

If you’ve noticed that François and Olivier have a great suntan these days, it’s because the guys have been spending time somewhere that makes me very, very jealous.

South Beach Miami

Miami Beach, the (beautiful) new home of Synchroteam Corp.

Synchroteam Corp. has found a new home – in Miami, Florida!

By the end of 2015, we’ll have opened a new office in Miami Beach, just a block away from the Miami Beach Convention centre. We’re really excited about this new chapter in the Synchroteam story. The company started out 15 years ago in France, and since then, we’ve grown into the number 1 cloud based field service tool on the market.

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