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The growth of the field service mobile app

How do you imagine the future of your HVAC business? You probably picture a totally digitalized company that can be fully controlled with a field service mobile app. An app that allows you to keep in touch with your technicians and access all the important information anytime, anywhere.

In recent years, the HVAC industry has gone through a major technological development, which can be seen especially in the digitalization of workflows and the adoption of a field service mobile app as a daily work tool. North America is currently leading this change, with other regions jumping on the wagon and following on. This trend is anything but surprising, if we take into account the advantages of this new work model.

field service mobile app

However, can a field service mobile app really change your business so much? Do they really deliver what they promise? In this article we’ll list their strong and weak points, and we’ll also analyze the possible future of technological developments in the field service industry.

From office software to the field service mobile app

Field service management software was born out of the need to optimize workflows in order to be more efficient and maximize benefits. At the same time, going digital in the company meant to be able to save both office material and storage space.

The next obvious step was to start using a field service mobile app. Because once they get used to all the advantages of the field service software used in offices, HVAC company managers want to have those same possibilities with field workers, and teams of technicians who are out visiting customers.

When you use a field service mobile app, besides the logical advantages of digitalization, you can also enjoy unique features that are especially useful in a field service company environment. Things such as GPS-based optimal route tracing, real-time communication with other peers (both back in the office and out in the field), and instant access to all the necessary information about customers without having to carry all sorts of papers around.

field service mobile app

A good field service mobile app should then be focused on communication, customer file management and the ability to provide workers with all the tools they may need to complete their work out in the field. An app that, among other things, enables them to generate invoices, schedule revisions and update the customer’s information on the spot has all the potential to give your business a good boost towards improved results.

On the other side, it’s important to take into account certain problems related to technology, especially those concerning information security. Nowadays Google tracks your location, Facebook knows what you like and Apple is able to locate your iPhone in just a few seconds. No wonder privacy is so valuable!

That is why it’s so important to choose a safe field service mobile app that can protect your customers’ information and prevent unauthorized accesses. Luckily, most field service software tools such as Synchroteam offer safe storage for your data which can be accessed 24/7.


The future in using a field service mobile app

What is the next step? For sure, we’ll see the usage of a field service mobile app spreading in the field service. According to Gartner, by 2020 up to 75% of field management companies will be using mobile apps. And those apps will go beyond the basic features and offer technicians all the tools they need in their daily job.

In other words, developing a field service mobile app is a constant balance between technological developments and what’s really useful for field service specialists. What works better for them? What do they really need? And what about customers? These are all questions that developers make themselves in each new version.

If you’re already starting to feel the need to try out the benefits of using a field service mobile app in your company, don’t hesitate! Download Synchroteam’s free demo now and enjoy all of its advantages by yourself.

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