Dispatching software: the top 5 features you need

Dispatching software: the top 5 features you need

Dispatching software can help different types of business run things more smoothly – especially in the HVAC field. There are a lot of reasons why HVAC companies decide to adopt dispatching software as part of their strategy, in order to improve workflows for their employees and provide a better service for their customers.

As one of the best solutions in dispatching software you can use, here at Synchroteam we know exactly what the advantages of this kind of software are. So, if you want to learn more about the potential benefits for your HVAC business, read on!

Dispatching software: the top 5 features you need

Better communication

The first and most important benefit of working with a dispatching software tool in your HVAC company is having instant access to all customer records. In other words, anyone in your team will be able to access the service and payment history of any customer, and therefore assist them over the phone with clear, straight answers.

This direct access to information not only helps deliver a better service to customers (and makes you look really professional!) but also saves a lot of time, effort and headaches to your employees. Dispatching software keeps everyone on the same page, so it’s definitely a win-win!


Easier scheduling

Besides helping with internal communication, dispatching software also improves the way you schedule jobs for your team on a daily basis. Both in-house employees and those out in the field can communicate more effectively, and access information about any planned routes anytime, anywhere – even before they head into the office!

Usually, dispatching software tools such as Synchroteam also enable you to pinpoint each team member’s location, so you can tell your customer the exact time of arrival. Knowing each worker’s location is also useful in case any of them requests help from a workmate: just tell the nearest guy to come lend you a hand with that specially difficult job.


Optimized routing

Another big advantage of dispatching software is the ability to create optimized routes for your drivers. And what does that mean? Optimized routes mean your workers will spend less time driving around town and being stuck in traffic, and more time serving customers.

This, of course, has a direct benefit for your HVAC company. You’ll save a few bucks in gas every week, and the extra time generated by optimized routes allows you to fit in more jobs in the same period of time – thus increasing income!


Totally portable

Most top dispatching software tools like Synchroteam include a mobile version you can use on your smartphone. So, no matter where you are, you can access any information you need at any time. Say goodbye to problems associated with printing job orders, or leaving  paperwork back in the office. Portable apps also allow customers to sign digital documents, which makes the whole invoicing process much quicker and easier.


Environmentally friendly

One last benefit of dispatching software, both for your company and for planet Earth, is that it helps your HVAC company go completely paperless. Besides the clearly positive impact on the environment, going digital also helps you save money and time – all that money spent in office material, and the time wasted in organizing, archiving and storing thousands of documents. Not to mention that horrible moment when you need to locate just one of them…

Dispatching software puts all your paperwork in an only, convenient location, which takes almost no space at all to store. Also, you can easily create backup copies to be on the safe side. Customers can sign invoices digitally, changes are saved in real time and employees can access the information anytime, anywhere.

These are just the top 5 features you find in high-quality dispatching software like Synchroteam. If you want to discover all the other benefits of adopting this technology in your HVAC company, download Synchroteam’s free demo now!

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