Mobile service software: a tool to provide better customer service

Mobile service software: a tool to provide better customer service

According to a report released by Forrester Research, we’re currently in “The Age of the Customer”. This is a new era that brings changes to the way we do business. We had the Age of Manufacturing, then the Age of Information, and now the customer is the center of our business models. And this is something with which mobile service software can really help you out. In fact, having mobile service software in your field service management app lets you give better customer service!

Mobile service software: a tool to provide better customer service

The fact that the customer is now the main focus in business shouldn’t really come as a surprise for anyone working in the field service business. The popularity of mobile devices and social media have given your customer incredible power.

Before the internet and its explosion of connectivity, it was the company who controlled most of the information related to their services. If a customer wanted to know about the experience of previous buyers, they would have to track them down and contact them by phone or letter.

Nowadays, just a few minutes of Internet research are enough to know anything about a given field service company. Information is power, and in “The Age of the Customer”, it’s precisely the customer who holds that power.


Customer demands increasing in field service

Like it or not, everyone will look up your business name online before hiring your services. This is why it’s so important to make use of mobile service software to achieve customer support success.

Not only that: with innovation and new technologies being constantly under development, people have got used to immediate gratification. They demand a service, whether it’s a movie or an online order, and want it as soon as possible.

These expectations are the same when it comes to field service companies. As your customers’ expectations grow more and more, you need to keep the pace. This is precisely where mobile service software can help you deliver a better service, by providing you with a tool that makes your technicians more autonomous and competent. In this way, they’ll be able to meet your customers’ requirements more quickly and efficiently, from the very first visit.


Customer success in the technician’s pocket

The best tool you can put in your technician’s pocket for their everyday job is a mobile service software app. These apps are connected to the main field service management software back at the office. In this way, it keeps everyone in the team on the same page.

Technicians out in the field will have access to all the necessary information to complete assigned jobs. This includes from customer repairs history to inventory of necessary parts. And having the right information at the precise moment surely helps technicians satisfy these increased customer demands.

Using a mobile service software app ensures greater efficiency in all field service trips. What’s more, it probably will help increase rates of first-time fixes, in which the job is completed on the first technician’s visit. This is undoubtedly a great customer experience, the one that really gets shared by word of mouth. Also, don’t forget that technicians are often the visible face of your field service company.  Their being quick and efficient can have a very positive influence on customer satisfaction.


Advantages of mobile service software apps

In the end, the main goal of a field service company in this Age of the Customer is to become customer-centric. The quality of your customer service can really mark the difference between your business and your competitors. But that’s not the only advantage.

With a mobile service software as part of your work tools, you’re contributing to removing information blocks and increasing revenue. Communication becomes easier, flowing from technician to the office and vice versa. And technicians generate more revenue as they offer better service and let the good work speak by itself.


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