Why field service time tracking is key for your business

Why field service time tracking is key for your business

Time tracking can be a sensitive issue both for field service company managers and employees. As a relatively common business practice, nowadays field service time tracking can feel a bit intrusive regarding the employee’s right to privacy.

However, you can’t deny the effectiveness and importance of this measure. Of course, it always depends on the type of business. But talking about our area of expertise, time tracking is a real asset. With the right time tracking tool, you can implement a series of changes and improvements in your company. And with these, dramatically improve productivity.

So, what are exactly the benefits of implementing field service time tracking in your business? Find some of them in the list below!

Why field service time tracking is key for your business


Time tracking brings you data

If you needed just one reason to implement time tracking in your company, that would be data. Because time tracking gives you information. Lots of it. A good time tracking software helps you gather a series of reporting insights that can be really valuable for business planning. The information you obtain with time tracking is key for future workflow optimization. And therefore, you can plan ahead for your company’s growth more carefully.

Take the time tracking tool in Synchroteam, for instance. You’ll have access to the full details of your technicians’ time spent traveling, completing jobs and on breaks. But not only that. You’ll also be able to track overtime and the costs associated with it.


Time tracking improves scheduling

Besides being a source for valuable information, field service time tracking also proves to be a great asset in the scheduling and dispatch process. Thanks to the tracking of time, field service managers have a more accurate view of how long technicians are going to take to complete each job assigned to them on the field. And in this way, the staff back at the office can plan the next jobs more efficiently, using Synchroteam’s scheduling tool.


Time tracking is not the enemy

Though time tracking is a great source of input related to your company, it could also be perceived as a burden. Like we said at the beginning of this article, having your working hours tracked can feel a bit intrusive from the technician’s perspective. On the other hand, some managers may think of it as a superfluous distraction from the technician’s real task at hand.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. If you use time tracking the right way, it’s a tool that’s easy and quick to handle. It doesn’t require that much time or attention, and therefore results in a minimal interruption to the technician’s task on the field.

In the case of Synchroteam, moreover, you have the advantage of a mobile app. Technicians can clock in, clock out and mark traveling time, breaks and more with just a few gestures on their devices, via Synchroteam’s mobile app. It’s just as quick and simple as any other phone app!


Best field service time tracking software

Although as you can see time tracking has a lot of positive benefits for your field service company, not all time tracking software apps offer the same capabilities. In other words, you need to carefully revise each candidate, and choose the perfect field service tracking software for your company, according to your requirements.

A great alternative, of course, is Synchroteam. It features a top-notch time tracking module, with lots of customization options to adapt it to your needs. With our field service time tracking app you’ll power up your organization and project management capabilities.


But don’t take our word for granted! Download Synchroteam’s free demo now, and see for yourself.


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