HVAC field service software: top trends for 2023

HVAC field service software: top trends for 2023

Holidays are over and we’ve already started a new year. It’s time to approve the new budget for your field service company, including an HVAC field service software to help you manage your business. Everyone’s attention is already on 2023, but… what will this year bring to the field service industry area?

The business has experienced a meteoric rise over the past few years, fueled by the widespread use of field service management software. Innovative technological solutions like these are assisting in increasing efficiency and revenue.

In the wake of the epidemic, all businesses are operating back at full capacity, setting the bar quite high. Many start to consider 2023 as a turning point for the industry. But, how are they all going to get there? In this post we’re listing some of the most notable developments that we believe will have an impact on the field service market in 2023.

HVAC field service software: top trends for 2023

Dynamic, adaptive scheduling

Using a dynamic scheduling and dispatching system as an idea is not new in itself. But their functionality has undoubtedly been substantially improved through technological upgrades. This is especially obvious if you use an HVAC field service software and have keep it properly updated.

The key to the concept of dynamic dispatching and scheduling is that the staff back at the office always has a complete overview of the current locations of technicians. and is able to change those as needed.

For instance, in case of emergency, staff can quickly dispatch the closest technicians by determining which ones are nearby, with the help of HVAC field service software. As an alternative, staff might send out technicians whose skill sets best suit the demands of the position.

A dynamic scheduling and dispatching system provides your company with the necessary help in the development of daily schedules. And more importantly, those schedules are effective, optimized and organized by location and technician skills.


Contactless service

One of the pandemic’s few truly beneficial outcomes has been an original new approach to the consumer experience in the field service industry. And among them, contactless service stands out. Customers can restrict face-to-face interactions with technicians using this strategy. It was a measure of precaution during the pandemic, and now it has been established as a more practical alternative for some cases.

Another strategy is the use of virtual reality or augmented reality. That is, assisting clients remotely to help them solve their own issues by themselves. Something in which your HVAC field service software can probably lend a hand too.

Obviously, customers must specifically state the issue that needs to be resolved when arranging the appointment in order to accomplish this. If not, both parties could end up making the issue even bigger! But in any case, both field service management companies and their clients can actually benefit a lot from contactless service.


Predictive maintenance

This is yet another classic concept that has undergone a thorough modernization. Mainly thanks to the use of technology and HVAC field service software. What’s more, it’s probably something you could expect more and more field service management companies to benefit from all along this year.

In the past, maintaining records of warranty and maintenance information on tools, equipment, assets and so on required writing them down or remembering them. You can easily picture why none of those methods is very dependable.

With HVAC field service software, the procedure is a lot simpler. The software enables you to create a unique record for each object, with user-defined tags. In this way field service management companies have a specific platform to store all relevant data. This includes dates of purchase, price, warranty and so on.

With this data, companies can also automate and plan predictive maintenance operations. They can use the work order management feature featured in their HVAC field service software. Consider how much more efficiently your equipment would operate if it received routine cleanings and adjustments!


These trends are a great place to start if your business wants to improve operations in 2023. And Synchroteam can be really useful if you want to use HVAC field service software to do that. But don’t take our word for granted, download the free demo right now and see for yourself!


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