What is a mobile field service app?

What is a mobile field service app?

A well-designed mobile field service app enables field service technicians to accomplish tasks more quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Are you looking for the perfect mobile application for the field service business? Then make sure you’re taking into account all the basic features this app should include. As an example, these are some of the tasks a top-notch mobile field app should help you with:

  • Work estimates and checklists
  • Daily workflow and scheduling
  • Organizing labor, components, and product costs
  • Working together with other technicians
  • Customer signatures on service reports

Additionally, any mobile field service app worth considering should provide help for all work processes. This includes all kinds of service scenarios, such as installations, scheduled maintenance, break-fix, price quotes, and more.

What is a mobile field service app?


Benefits of a field service mobile app

Whether they are working offline or in the field, technicians need to have complete access to their work orders. And this is something with which a mobile field service application can surely lend a hand.

Additionally, these apps usually have a bunch of tools and options to help field service professionals save time. What’s more, they can be a powerful ally when it comes to delivering the best possible service experience to your customers.

Besides the usual built-in configuration features, the following are the top three advantages of any mobile field service app:

Offline syncing

Even when the data network connection fails, field service professionals must remain productive while working out in the field. Some apps stop functioning when there is no Internet connectivity, but this is not the case with the Synchroteam app.

The Synchroteam mobile field service app provides field service personnel with the precise data they need to finish their service workflow. In this way, they’re productive at all times. The offline mode is triggered automatically based on network availability. And with this mode enabled, the app just continues working seamlessly. All of its features (work order process, material pricing lookups, service report production…) are available as usual!

Checklists and forms

Data collecting is a common duty for technicians. And it’s really important that they create these reports with attention to details and in a timely manner. But things can easily go misplaced when technicians fill out paperwork after a long day… What’s more, the need to gather precise data is even more pressing for companies that are subject to regulations!

With the Synchroteam mobile app, technicians can easily fill in job reports on their mobile devices and save them on the go. Our mobile app offers maximum flexibility for them. Technicians can review previous work orders and reschedule jobs at any time. And the app maintains data encryption even in the case of signal loss.

Automation and notification

Using the phone every time a technician’s schedule changes can be a pain. The same applies to sending confirmations to customers. It’s just too time consuming! Both field service professionals and customers today require real-time updates. Something that you can also enjoy in the Synchroteam mobile app.

As a top-notch mobile field service app, Synchroteam features support for notifications about new and rescheduled jobs. The app also offers a few interactive assistance tools, such as instant driving directions and one-touch contact calling.

In this way, the app provides the technician with time-saving automation features. And at the same time, it presents the customer with a comprehensive service, keeping them in the loop at all times. Of course, all notification settings are fully configurable.


Having a field service mobile app is a great idea

Using their mobile devices, technicians may effectively manage their work orders, schedules, and timesheets. In other words, a mobile field service app like Synchroteam’s is a great companion for work. It’s a tool to track working time with precision, respond to customer enquiries on the spot and quickly locate any necessary parts or resources. All, with a device that fits in your pocket.

Download the Synchroteam free demo and try our mobile app, today!

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