Mobile field service app: benefits for your company

Mobile field service app: benefits for your company

A mobile field service app is an effective tool for a field service company to increase productivity, customer happiness, and efficiency.

A top-notch mobile field service app usually includes customization options, and features like checklists, work estimates, scheduling, and invoicing. Additionally, it provides streamlined processes for all kinds of service scenarios in your daily work. These include installations, scheduled maintenance fixes, price quotes, and more.

Mobile field service app: benefits for your company


Why should you use a mobile app?

Field service technicians can do their tasks more effectively and quickly with the help of a mobile field service app. The app’s integrated automation and notification capabilities enhance the user experience while saving technicians time.

With a mobile app for field service, technicians always have full visibility into their work orders and the assets they are working on. All of this information, besides, is totally available while in the field, no matter where they are.


Benefits of a mobile app for field service

These apps can help organizations save time and money while improving customer service. How do they achieve that? The answer is simple. They provide field personnel with the knowledge and resources they need to accomplish their jobs well. Let’s see some examples:


1. Offline data syncing

Even without network connectivity, field service personnel must be productive while on the go. Certain common mobile apps stop functioning when there’s no service available, but not the Synchroteam mobile app.

The Synchroteam mobile field service app keeps field service technicians productive with its offline mode. This mode is triggered automatically based on network availability, and allows technicians to continue working as usual. The app includes all the exact data they need to complete their service workflow. That is, covering the work order process, time and materials price lookups, and service report generation —all in a seamless manner.


2. Checklists and forms

Data collection is a common responsibility for technicians, and timely and accurate information delivery is essential. But things can easily go misplaced or forgotten when technicians do paperwork after a long day.

The need to gather precise data for compliance and audits is even more pressing for companies that are subject to regulations. This includes the production of medical devices, oil and gas. Synchroteam helps technicians complete forms, checklists, and inspections right on their mobile devices. The information provided via the mobile app is then safely stored in the synchronized database.


3. Automation and notifications

Technicians can pick up their phones each time the schedule changes. Or, for instance, when they need to confirm an appointment with a client. But this advantage can quickly turn into a pain and a source of misunderstandings. In order to remain informed and productive, professionals today want real-time updates.

A top-notch mobile field service app can use SMS, notifications and automated alerts to streamline these exchanges. In order to maintain productivity, technicians can receive real-time notifications on schedule modifications. Likewise, clients can receive updates on the estimated time of technician arrival.

These updates may include new job assignments for technicians, or letting a customer know that the crew is a bit late to the job location. So they’re useful for both parties at any given job. But you can easily customize them to suit your needs every time.


Why is it important?

The only way to reach your target KPIs and provide outstanding service is to have knowledgeable technicians on the field. And a mobile field service app can surely lend a hand with it.

This technology helps technicians successfully fulfill work orders and create service reports after the job is done. It also provides access to all the necessary information while out in the field. And it’s a great way to collaborate with other technicians and experts.

In other words, a mobile field service app makes it possible for the company to measure important KPIs, like first-time fixes, or how long it takes to finish the assigned job.


Synchroteam mobile app

The Synchroteam mobile app is a key element in our field service management solution. Think of it like a mobile control center, giving your mobile workers all the information they need to work efficiently and communicate with you in real time. Want to try it out? Download the free demo today!


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