Time tracking, the new module in Synchroteam v48

Time tracking, new module in Synchroteam

We all know that proper time tracking is very important in any company, and even more in field service companies. In this professional area optimizing time is key because there are many elements that could make things go wrong at the end of the day: job management in the office, team and technician trips, waiting times for customers, and so on.

This is why the new version of Synchroteam launching this week includes a new module that will surely help you day after day: time tracking. With this new feature you’ll have a more exhaustive view over time usage in your field service company, thanks to new tools to manage jobs, available both in the Synchroteam platform and the mobile app.

The new time tracking module

The new time tracking module in Synchroteam v48 allows you to have a more detailed view of how technicians make use of their time in their daily routine. This refers not only to working hours while they’re installing new equipment, revising old machines or repairing any problems, but also any other extra tasks included in everyday jobs: trips to and from the office, lunch break, working time, coffee break…

Technicians will be able to select all these different elements in their mobile app, so that time management is way more detailed and informative. Want to know more? Don’t miss our user guide to make the most of the new time tracking module in Synchroteam’s mobile app.

Time tracking, the new module in Synchroteam v48

Time tracking, the new module in Synchroteam v48

All this information is seamlessly synced with Synchroteam’s platform, so that you have access to a very detailed report about how the technicians have used up their time: trips, working hours, breaks and any other extra activity that may have come up during the day. These new details are added to the information you already had about regular working hours and overtime hours, plus the associated costs to each one of these activities.

The amount of detail that the new time tracking module captures also allows you to calculate a more fair payment for each technician in your company, and get a full overview of how time is spent in your company. And this knowledge will help you find if there’s any workflow you can optimize – to save time, of course, but also money!

Time tracking, the new module in Synchroteam v48

Time tracking, the new module in Synchroteam v48

This new time tracking system will let you calculate regular payrolls automatically, and also compensation for extra hours according to your company’s policies. It’s also a great tool to discover if there are any overworked personnel in your company – or someone whose time is underused and could probably assume more jobs.


More new features in the new version of  Synchroteam

Besides the all-new time tracking module, Synchroteam v48 also includes other new features, which we list here:

  • Phone numbers. Synchroteam includes now a control to validate the structure and consistency of phone numbers in the platform, according to their country code.
  • Word2Pdf. This module now allows you to create job reports from Microsoft Word and then send them to your customers as PDF files automatically, once the job is completed.
  • Attachments. Now you can use web addresses (URLs) as attachments to a job report. This way, technicians will be able to open the attachment just by clicking on the link in their mobile app. Also, these links can be made private so that only a certain person can open them.

If you haven’t given Synchroteam a chance yet to improve workflows in your field service company, remember you can do so easily with our free demo.

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