How dispatch software improve work order management

How dispatch software improve work order management

The traditional way of managing work orders in the field service industry is filled with inefficiencies, and prone to errors. Unlike more modern dispatch software solutions, these old methods rely on hard copies that require direct management. Even in the case of digital platforms, sometimes these are not fully optimized and require too much attention and resources from the company.

These traditional work order management systems may be enough for smaller companies, but as your business grows, they usually lack the scalability to accompany you. You’ll see how workflows break, how project information is lost… and you’ll end up investing too much time in managing work orders. In the end, it’ll all lead to decreasing customer satisfaction and a gradually lower profitability.

Is there any way to turn this trend around? Of course! You need to start using a dispatch software tool that includes a fully digitized work order management system, just like Synchroteam. If you want your field service company to grow over the top, having an automated work order system is simply essential!

How dispatch software improve work order management

Dispatch software optimizes work order processes

Synchroteam is a leading cloud-based field service management solution, aimed at managing teams of technicians in real time. And among the tools featured to help you in your daily tasks, Synchroteam includes a fully automated work order management system.

With Synchroteam’s dispatch software solution you can be more effective when managing work orders. Our software delivers a complete, intuitive and affordable solution over the internet.

What’s more, you can also easily integrate it with other existing information systems and platforms (CRM, ERP and so on). In this way, you can enjoy a fully streamlined, unified dispatch software solution to manage all projects from start to finish.


These are just some of the advantages of using Synchroteam as your dispatch software system to manage work orders:

1. More accuracy. Having a dispatch software system in place to manage work orders reduces the risks of making mistakes or creating double entries. There’ll be just one work order associated with each project, and you’ll be able to review and update it anytime.

2. Real-time reporting. These updates and changes to work orders become immediately available to any other team member. Information is always up to date and it’s easier to have the whole team on the same page.

3. Flexible, customizable forms. The forms you create with Synchroteam are fully customizable. In this way you can easily adapt them to meet your needs and requirements. All work orders will follow the same parameters and they’ll be easier to revise.

4. Easier billing process. A dispatch software tool makes billing a lot easier. Technicians will even be able to start the billing process right on the spot. They only need to use the Synchroteam app installed on their mobile devices.

5. Higher accessibility. And precisely thanks to this mobile app, your team of technicians can access all work orders, customer data and other vital project information anytime, anywhere. The entire field service management system right at their fingertips!

6. Comprehensive reporting. With a dispatch software app like Synchroteam you’ll be able to generate fully customizable reports that provide great insights into your company’s operations. And with this information, you can make better business decisions.


Make work order management easier and more profitable

The number one advantage of setting up Synchroteam as your dispatch software solution is not only that you can manage work orders more easily. It’s also the amount of time and money you can save along the way.

Having a digitized, fully automated system will save your technicians time in every step of the process. Plus, all work orders will be stored within the system, which makes them fully searchable, more accurate and insightful. Therefore, the benefits of having a dispatch software application can reach every phase of the work process lifecycle.

Just download Synchroteam’s free demo now and see for yourself! Set it up in your field service company and start enjoying all of its benefits from day one.


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