How field service tech software improves safety at work

How field service tech software improves safety at work

The tools and resources that field service technicians use on a regular basis have become more complicated and sophisticated. Sometimes they’re a great asset, like using field service tech software. Unfortunately, the usage of other elements might result in more accidents and problems.

In fact, some of the most common accidents are related to machinery and equipment failure. This means that the field service business area is considered as one of the deadliest occupations. According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, there were more than 5,000 fatal work injuries in 2021, and 475 of these were among the installation, maintenance, and repair occupations.

How field service tech software improves safety at work

It is difficult to adhere to a predictive and preventive maintenance program when a company uses hundreds or thousands of machines and pieces of equipment. Especially when it is known that machines can be neglected, increasing the danger of equipment operation. All of them need maintenance, part replacement, and eventually replacement.

Working with unsafe tools and conditions can increase workplace liability risks, impair employee morale, and have a major financial impact. So, how can field service tech software help with this? Let’s find out how!


Safety embedded into a field service mobile app

Organizations must deploy digital solutions and embrace worker safety initiatives. The ideal method to implement proper training is with field service tech software solutions. This helps reduce hazards associated with field service work.

By including safety rules directly in work processes, field service tech software apps help reduce compliance problems. Also, they’re even more useful if technicians can easily access them, even from their mobile device. In fact, mobile apps and other digital resources can give field service professionals the tools they need to do their jobs in a safer and more productive way.

Workers can be given information from the safety compliance systems right on the spot, and in the context of their particular job. Having instant access to this crucial information can make an immense difference in the technician’s work. It’s certainly a great asset to help teams complete dangerous tasks.


Keep contact at all times

Many companies struggle with disconnection between field operation sites and asset management back at the office. However, there is a way to solve this problem! Simply use a field service tech software app that unifies both systems.

By enabling workers to keep in touch frequently, a field service tech software app promotes effective workplace safety communication. You can have real-time contact via phone and video calls in a variety of ways. Everyone can be made aware of safety risks through messaging, images, and file sharing, so they can adjust their schedules and plans appropriately.



Workers must not only receive safety updates; they must also have a means to inform one another and management of any potential safety risks. Employee engagement in the safety program and the development of proactive habits increases when they’re praised for reporting safety risks. And this is something where field service tech software can also be helpful.



When managing an organization’s assets, process automation through a field service tech software solution will bring consistency and systematic scheduling to equipment and repair programs. The platform has the ability to anticipate needs and maintain secure environments. It can also monitor the supplies and components needed for expected services or repairs. What’s more, the right software app will also be able to schedule maintenance, and alert management to order any necessary items ahead of time to reduce downtime.


Safety in dispatch

Employees engaged in field service must receive the necessary instruction to become fully knowledgeable about their position. Because protecting employees should always be a top priority!

Luckily, managers can centralize the monitoring and upkeep of various requirements using a field service tech software platform. The app links a technician’s special training and skills to a particular work site. With this information, managers can choose and designate the ideal technicians. Therefore, you avoid a great waste of time, effort, and money that could result from sending an unqualified technician to a job site.


Technicians and managers must make sure that workflows are as safe as possible in the field service industry. Each component of a field service tech software solution such as Synchroteam aids technicians in keeping track of user qualifications and equipment conditions, eventually lowering safety risks and defending assets and operators. Download the free demo and see for yourself!


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