Improve your Field Service Company with Data Automation

Improve your Field Service Company with Data Automation

We are experiencing unusual economic conditions. You probably also notice it in your field service company. Every sector of the global economy has been impacted as it continues to stabilize after three years of unprecedented disruptions.

However, it’s reasonable to argue that the field service sector has faced especially difficult obstacles to overcome. The field service industry has already encountered a great deal, from increased safety regulations and health requirements to talent shortages. Not to mention the nightmare of supply chain delays…

Even though things will continue to get better, new challenges are making inflation worse. As a result, a lot of businesses have discovered more effective ways to manage their workloads. And the funny thing is that  automation has frequently been the secret to making those business processes run more smoothly.

Improve your Field Service Company with Data Automation

What is field service business automation?

There are various types of business automation for your field service company. For some, it may involve using an online ticketing platform to enable more efficient client communication. Others may be expanding their recruitment efforts by adopting online application processes.

Business automation, in general, is the application of technology to minimize human intervention while streamlining complex tasks. Depending on your specific sector, automation will take many different forms for your field service company. But the idea is to use some sort of hardware or software (like Synchroteam) that frees up your employees’ time. Therefore, they can use their skills you hired them for – rather than tedious data entry or sorting, for example.

Adopting automation technology can benefit your field service company in a good number of ways. Automation is worth a closer look if you want to increase customer satisfaction and service quality. It can also help you reduce team workload, and gain better insights into how to run your business more effectively.


Minimize paperwork

Any job’s least favorite component is usually the paperwork, and a field service company is no exception. If asked, most technicians  will say that the least enjoyable aspect of their jobs is administrative tasks. Fortunately, automation can be a significant factor in eliminating this discomfort.

Any field service company can easily improve the productivity and quality of life for their field service technicians by adopting digital solutions. What’s more, it can be even better if they include mobile apps. A software tool such as Synchroteam can help you manage administrative tasks, track job orders and even digitize inventory tracking. Giving up on paper means storing all necessary tools and job information on the mobile devices that your technicians bring with them everywhere they go. Needless to day, automation increases productivity, and lets technicians focus on higher-value work with the extra time. Just imagine, having more time to improve client relationships… or even to finish more service calls!

Furthermore, high-end digital solutions have tools to calculate overtime or even demand digital signatures. This can guarantee that the technicians in your field service company are focused on their work and not their timesheets.


The power of real-time data

Automated data capture in the field service company can assist your in-office team while also relieving the workload of your field service technicians. Your entire fleet can operate more efficiently when your in-office staff is handling billing and invoices, work orders, and inventory management.

Best-in-class systems can automatically transfer data to other connected systems when your team uses digital data capture. This can include cloud storage, digital document management, and ERPs, among other things. Eliminating the human factor here reduces the possibility of errors in your data and guarantees that it is accessible when you need it. Also, it can be very helpful when making strategic business decisions..

Additionally, automation platforms enable your field service company technicians to alter work orders, finish tasks more quickly, and enhance customer support. In other words, if you want to empower your team, give them the tools to perform tasks such as inspection, diagnosis on the job site. With software such as Synchroteam, your technicians can perform on-the-spot inventory and part reviews, automatically generate installation and service quotes, and even obtain an electronic signature from the client. All of these, without having to go back to the office at all.


Synchroteam is a great example of a tool that can take your business to the next level with the power of data. Download our free demo today, and embrace the digital revolution!


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