How software for field service management makes your business grow

How software for field service management makes your business grow

As your business expands, you need to take organization seriously in order to meet growing demands. Life in the field service runs smoothly like a well-maintained machine when everything functions as it should. On the other hand, the system as a whole may fail if certain parts are ignored. But luckily, you can prevent this from happening with the help of software for field service management.

The technicians on site come to mind when you think of the field service industry. A business area that includes everything from repaving roads to electrical services. But the office is equally as important to the business as the technicians. Nothing could get done without office workers scheduling, billing, and assisting the field technicians!

Managing the increasing volume of orders that need to be processed by the office as a business expands can rapidly become a challenge. An accountant or dispatcher might easily get lost in the details if they don’t have the right tools. This is when adopting software for field service management becomes a must.

How software for field service management makes your business grow

Business will slow down regardless of the number of technicians in the office if they are unable to provide their services on time. For work in the field to proceed, a number of critical procedures must be completed, from dispatching technicians to delivering estimates and bills. And though it might not take long to finish any of these jobs, the cumulative effect of increasingly frequent instructions soon reaches terrifying proportions. Errors are significantly more likely to happen if the office is unable to meet this demand. Notifications to clients, job progress monitoring, labor time tracking—all of these chores can start off small and quickly spiral out of control as demand increases. Especially without the help of software for field service management.


Keeping clients updated

It’s easy enough to notify a customer that a technician is on the way, that a part is in stock, or any number of other little courtesy messages. With a few mouse clicks and a fast word, you can send an email or message. But personalized requests and different kinds of notifications, would make this a chore that requires continuous attention. So this is one of the first basic tasks where software for field service management comes in handy.


Tracking technicians

Something even more difficult? For instance, monitoring technicians that are working in the field. Regular status reports from technicians to the office provide a wonderful approach for the office to know where technicians are located in the field. It is helpful to keep track of billable hours and drive time when you call someone when they are leaving, about to arrive, or finishing off a project.

Of course, if a technician neglects to report, this system gets clunky real fast. Additionally, employees in the office will still need to total labor hours each day even with frequent status updates. Customers have to wait for their finished invoices, which slows down the process and diverts important time from other activities. Thankfully, these seemingly never-ending duties may be easily completed with the right software for field service management.


Software to improve organization

All of the difficult and bothersome duties mentioned above are manageable with software for field service management such as Synchroteam. And not just only in the office, installed on the company’s PCs. With just a few taps on a mobile device, technicians can establish a connection with office workers using the Synchroteam mobile app.

Are you tired of having to notify customers about jobs by hand every day? Provide alerts when a technician is en route automatically, even if the task was initially planned months in advance! This will guarantee that customers receive the notifications they want to stay informed, in addition to saving time on a daily basis.

And what about having to ask technicians how they are doing or worrying about when they will report in? As the job gets done, technicians can provide real-time information, including documentation and photos of the work being done.


Don’t let the time spent on lesser issues interfere with more pressing tasks. The time-saving features that Synchroteam offers are just too good to miss! Download our free demo and see for yourself.


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