Field service management: 4 key points to improve

Field service management: 4 key points to improve

Companies that use traditional field service management systems are going extinct. Especially if they want to provide the best quality services. In these circumstances  they cannot rely solely on the judgment of one individual to manage their operations. Or just keep records on spreadsheets, for that matter.

If you want to succeed as a field service business, it is imperative that all procedures and duties be carried out using strict, professional ways. Take in requests, track post-service satisfaction, and assign the best or closest technicians to the consumer.

Field service management software is a great tool for organizations in this industry, It allows them to systematize their operations. It automates and organizes processes based on pertinent criteria. And it’s the perfect way to have all agents coordinated in real time.

Field service management: 4 key points to improve


4 ways to optimize management in field service

A detailed explanation of this process would take way more space than this article allows. So, we will concentrate on the four main elements you need to succeed in field service management. You can also take these four key points as the basic features any service management software should have.


Accurate planning

Each field technician has a schedule that details their shifts in accordance with the business’s operating hours. The calendar shows their availability, allowing jobs to be scheduled ahead of time. This is very helpful for proactive and preventative maintenance work, for example. Additionally, accurate planning in field service management also helps prevent dispatching issues later on.


Smart assigning

Whether you are doing preventative maintenance or have received a service request, the tasks must be properly identified. In this way technicians may be assigned to them based on pertinent parameters: specialization, availability and so on. Ideally, the field service management app should allow for some customization in eligibility criteria.


Swift dispatching

Your field service management system must guarantee that the person most suited to manage field services is in charge of them. Additionally, it needs to be adaptable. This is so that the closest or most qualified experts are assigned to handle urgent services. Oh, and a very important point: your managing software should have a mobile application that syncs in real time.


Detailed evaluation

From start to finish and even during the course of the service, field services produce a substantial amount of information. In order to store and analyze data and identify trends, your system must help technicians in recording all that information. Software for field service managing should ideally even provide real-time information analysis in order to provide the optimal results.


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