Synchroteam 4.0

Synchroteam 4.0 – the same tool, just better!

Happy 2016! New year, new features for our unique field service scheduling software. That’s how the saying goes, right?!

In case we’ve lost you already, we’re talking about Synchroteam 4.0, the brand new version of our cloud-based scheduling tool, which we launched this month (hooray! *clink*).

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A reason to celebrate – Synchroteam 4.0

Like previous versions, Synchroteam 4.0 enables you to manage your jobs as coolly as a chess grandmaster managing pieces: dispatching the right technicians to the right jobs, keeping track of where everybody is at all times, and making last-minute changes when the unexpected inevitably happens.

Of course, version 4 is a little different from its predecessors – we wouldn’t release a brand new version without some game-changing new features now, would we?

Here are just some of the updates you can expect to see from Synchroteam 4.0

Inventory Management (BETA)

We’re pretty proud of this nifty new addition to Synchroteam, which helps you track and move parts between depots (these can be central, local or mobile, i.e. one of your technicians). We’re so proud, in fact, that we’re keen to show it off – if you’d like to test it for us as part of a free trial, get in touch.


To help you to deal even more rapidly with the unexpected, we’ve added a new Job feature to Synchroteam 4.0, which allows you to reassign a suspended job to a new technician if the original technician can’t make it.

User-defined landing page

Thanks to this handy update, you, your technicians and everyone in your business using Synchroteam will be able to choose a personal landing page, meaning no more time wasted getting to your favorite page after login. Simple, yet effective: it’ll make life easier for your technicians (especially any new hires), and that means an easier ride for you, too.


This new version adds to the invoicing feature, so now you can complete a job for one customer and invoice it to another (as long as they know they’re the ones paying, of course)!

Photo gallery

This new, separately charged feature makes it possible for you to filter, display and export photos from different jobs – ideal for keeping track of progress over longer projects. It’s not necessary for every business, but might perfect for yours, so give us a call if you’d like to discuss it with us.

We won’t bore you by geeking out over the finer details of all our new features (unless you want us to, in which case, give us a call – we will happily oblige). You can find out more about Synchroteam 4.0 and how it can revolutionize your business operations here.

If you’re already convinced (and who could blame you?) and can’t wait to start your free trial, well, you’re in luck – you can sign up here.

Good luck for 2016, and see you on the other side!

Header image thanks to Patrik Nygren

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