Field service software: make the most of it!

Field service software: make the most of it!

Field service software is something that helps you with your company, but also an investment you make in it. That’s why you should make sure you’re making the most if it.

As with any important business investment, including ROI in the balance between costs and benefits of adopting a field service software is key. Because if you’re not using this software to the full, you’re probably not reaching the top of your potential ROI.

Any field service software should be designed and ready to help you with your company in all areas: from scheduling jobs and dispatching technicians to invoicing customers and keeping track of inventory.

So, to make sure you’re using every single feature offered by your field service software (and therefore maximizing benefit!), take a look at this list of key points to take into account.

Field service software: make the most of it!


Scheduling jobs and dispatching personnel

The possibility to automatize scheduling and dispatching is one of the most useful features a field service software can bring to your company. Without it, job schedules tend to be inefficient, as they don’t have into account the technicians’ current location and distance to each job.

Field service software enables you to avoid wasting your time in calculating routes, assigning new jobs and tracking down technicians in search of the most appropriate person for the task. Everything is done automatically and is way more efficient. What’s more, workforce tracking via GPS helps you choose always the best route to avoid traffic jams. In the end, you make the most of your workday, and this may even let you fit in more work orders – and therefore make more money!


Tracking inventory

Tracking the company’s inventory can be tricky. There are many elements that need to be considered: How many parts did the technician use in their last job? Does any of them need to be reordered? What about the inventory spread across multiple trucks and storage units?

When you adopt a professional field service software like Synchroteam, it usually features a special module to track inventory. From that moment on, technicians are able to update their part usage on the spot, from the mobile version, and you can keep easily track of inventory – and even get a notification when stock runs low and it’s time to reorder.


Making company announcements

Keeping your staff informed about everything that is going on in the business is easy when you only have a handful of employees. But as soon as your company starts to grow (and of course, everyone wants their company to grow!) this task can become really complicated. Traditional ways like meetings or notice boards don’t work anymore, and it’s difficult to keep everyone on the same page in a hundred-employee company.

Field service software can also help with that. It allows you to share company announcements to all workers, regardless of their current location. In this way, field workers can easily keep up with what’s going on back at the office. This tool can also be really helpful in case of emergencies and last minute calls, for instance when a technician calls in sick and someone else needs to replace them in an important job.


Improving customer support

Even if field service software is primarily designed to help you with business management, it can also have a very positive impact when it comes to relationships with customers. Using these software tools means you’re able to provide a better service, and this can only bring good consequences to customer support.

When technicians show up late for jobs, don’t have the right tools for the task, make mistakes when creating the invoice or even cancel an appointment, it reflects poorly on the image that your customers have of your company. And these are precisely the kind of situations that a good field service software can help you avoid.


Working with other business software apps

Sometimes field service software doesn’t include all the advanced features your business needs to work at full speed. This usually requires you to turn to other tools, and end up using multiple platforms and services.

Good field service software, on the other hand, includes seamless integration with other business tools, such as Quickbooks, Sage, Zoho CRM or Xero. With direct access to these tools, all workflows in the company are optimized: dispatching, invoicing, even conversion rate in your sales team.

If you’re already convinced, go on! Choose Synchroteam and you won’t regret it. What’s more, you can even try it for free!

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