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Real-Time Email and/or SMS Notifications

Improve customer relationship and communication by automatically confirming visits.

With Synchroteam you can configure custom notification trigger rules for each job status change (Scheduled, Started, Completed, etc.). For each notification, you can select one or more recipients, and how each message should be sent by: email, sms or both.

Configuring Notifications: In this window, you choose the trigger, the message type, the recipient and provide the message content.

Message creation: Merge Fields allow you to customize the message body. In the example below, when a job is created, the customer will receive an automatic notification via text message. We included merge fields for the technician's name, the date, and the time for the job.

The customer receives the message: When a job is scheduled, the customer will receive a text message notification using the custom template we created.

How much does this cost?

Activation and maintenance of the service is provided entirely free of charge and the same applies to emails sent via the service. Synchroteam offers 10 Text Message (SMS) credits for testing purposes. Additional credits must be purchased to send text messages, from the configuration section, in the My Account page or from the Integrations page

We offer the following SMS packs
50 credits = $12 USD
500 credits = $90 USD
2,000 credits = $180 USD

Destinations Credits

How many credits do I need to send one text message?

A credit corresponds to sending one standard text message (160 characters maximum). Above this threshold, 1 additional credit is charged for each additional block of 160 characters. If the message contains certain special, non-latin characters (Chinese, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, emoticons, technical symbols, etc.) or even some accentuated characters (ô, â, ê, ù, Ç), the standard message length is reduced to 70 characters.

(NB: send text messages from/to certain countries can incur additional credit consumption, please contact our support staff if you want more detailed information on this matter)

I would like to use this feature, how do I proceed?

Your account administrator can activate this feature from the Configuration section, under Integrations
For more information, please read the article on our support site.