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The customer portal

Give your clients a secure way to access their information and the ability to create and view their jobs via an elegant and professional portal.

Because it is crutial to give a good image of your company, it reassures your customers that they can access their data anytime.

Diminish customer inquiries

With the Synchroteam Customer Portal, customer's can access their data 24 hours a day and only contact your customer service department as a last resort. And your managers can focus on their tasks without being disturbed.

Customer Portal

Customizing and securing the customer portal

Portal URL: give each of your customers secure access to their data. You revoke this access at any time.

Custom URL

Service Request Form

The service request form allows customers to request service, view available time slots, and receive an appointment confirmation.

Request form

Booking Form


List of available slots

Booking Form Phase 2

Appointment Confirmation

Booking Form Confirmation

Activity History

On this view, your customers can view the entire activity and download the intervention reports and invoice history.

Job List