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Collect Payments with Stripe

Receive funds on the job site. The technician can create the invoice directly within the Synchroteam mobile app by clicking on the "Pay with Stripe" button. The customer can then pay immediately and securely by credit card. No additional equipment is needed, and Stripe's secure payment interface is integrated directly inside the technician's mobile device.

Creating a Stripe account is extremely simple, and Free. All you need is an email address to get started. You can provide banking details when you are ready to transfer funds from Stripe to your bank account.

Installing is Simple

From your Synchroteam Configuration Panel, activate the FREE Stripe connector, and activate it by following all the steps outlined in our knowledge base.

Increase your Efficiency with Synchroteam and Stripe

No more chasing payments. Collect on site, as soon as the job is completed.

For further information about Stripe, go to