Dispatch software and the key elements of mobility

Dispatch software and the key elements of mobility

Now that we’re facing the arrival of hurricane Florence to the East coast in the United States, one can’t help but think about the importance of field service organizations and dispatch software when dealing with such a natural disaster. Many of these organizations are key in helping emergency services, for instance to regain access to previously blocked roads or enable a safe entry into damaged buildings.

In these situations, speed of response is vital. The more that emergency services can do in the first few hours immediately after the disaster, the higher the chance to increase survivor rates, to find them in time and save them. Also, it’s easier to start working on damaged structures and make them less dangerous for those who have survived.

Dispatch software and the key elements of mobility

Like in many other cases, mobile solutions included in dispatch software are critical in the efforts done by field service organizations. With these mobile tools field workers can keep in touch with peers back at the office, and also with emergency teams.

Whether you’re already developing a mobile strategy in your HVAC company or just starting out, are you aware of all the key elements for both your business and your team? Most importantly, are they all included in your dispatch software? This article aims to answer those questions.


Key points of mobility in dispatch software

Any mobility solution used in a dispatch software should be easy to use. You may find the typical initial resistance (hard to avoid!) but the easier the solution, the quicker the adoption. Workflows will be smoother and the ROI will definitely improve. A complicated solution usually tends to be bypassed by workers, who will use any workaround at hand or just ignore it altogether.

Also, implementation should be as fast and straightforward as possible. A lengthy, complicated implementation defeats its own purpose. The goal should be to have the system up and running in days, not weeks, to start improving results as soon as possible.

All mobile solutions included in dispatch software must be agile and above all, able to carry on with the next generations of mobile devices. Technology evolves really fast these days, so being able to keep up to speed with those changes is really important. Obsolescence is not an option!

At the same time, it’s also important for any mobile solution within any dispatch software to be able to work across mixed devices, in diverse environments, and also on different operating systems.

Finally, the key point in mobility (especially in the management of natural disasters as we mentioned earlier in the article) is to be able to access all the necessary information anytime, anywhere – and making it as easy as possible.

Here at Synchroteam we already have a mobile solution fully integrated in our dispatch software, which of course includes all these key elements. And you know the best part? You can try it by yourself with Synchroteam’s free demo. Download it today and start enjoying all of its advantages!

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