Field services: quick guide to growing your business

Field services: quick guide to growing your business

When you start your own business it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all sorts of small details – and the field services area is no exception to this. It’s not enough to schedule jobs efficiently or manage your inventory in order to keep track of all your tools and material.

There are many different elements to take into account when running a field services company. And some of these elements are key in order to stay around in the business for the years to come. Pay attention to these quick tips to make your company grow!

Field services: quick guide to growing your business


Keep Marketing in mind

Being in the field services area, you could think the only marketing you need is having your company name painted on the company’s trucks and expect word of mouth to do its job. But it’s definitely not that simple. Though you probably don’t need a fully dedicated Marketing team in your office, there are a few basic things any field services company should take into account:

– Make yourself known. Most small companies start by being popular in their neighborhood, which is enough to get you going but definitely not enough to make you reach the top. Make sure your business is easy to find, both on printed media and also on the Internet – including Google Maps. That way, potential customers will see your name when searching for a field services company.

– Create a website. Did we just mention you need to be online? Nowadays Internet is the place of reference for thousands of people when looking for companies in the field services area. You don’t need something really fancy to begin with; just make sure the website is easy to navigate and displays all the basic information, including up-to-date contact information and business hours. If you also take the time to add a company description, list of services and even include a blog that you update on a regular basis, that’s bonus points for you (and probably an even better impression on your future customers).

– Use a referral program. Nothing makes customers more happy that getting stuff for free. Involve your customers in a referral program and reward them with a gift card everytime they bring on a new client. It’s a win-win!


Put customers in the spotlight

Customers are the heart and the soul of your field services company, so you should revise your focus as a business and make sure it’s set on them. Because the moment you start applying the “Customers first” philosophy on your business you’ll start earning a lot of loyalty from them.

It’s not a question of selling field services to people, but helping them maintaining their homes in perfect shape. So for example, instead of being just a fixing service that provides assistance when an HVAC installation breaks down, offer a maintenance program that takes care of those systems, and prevents them from even reaching that blowing point.

Field services: quick guide to growing your business


Keep up with the times

Do you provide your field services technicians team the necessary training? If not, it’s something you should definitely consider. New tools, products and technologies come out every year, and your company must remain knowledgeable about all those. It’s the only way to reach the top above your competitors, and what’s more, remain there for as long as possible.

And what’s the best way to stay up to date and keep your team’s skills current? Besides the training we already mentioned, there are many other ways to keep track of new systems and best practices: attending field services conferences, trade shows and seminars, and keeping an eye on news about your business area are just two of them.


Motivate your team

Incentives are a good idea in any business, and the field services industry is no exception. The only difficulty here is incentivizing the right things.

Depending on the requirements to obtain a company incentive, your field services technicians may be tempted to cut corners in order to get all jobs done on time, or rush through projects without caring really much about the quality of the finished product.

On the other hand, if you encourage your team to work independently and reward them for good performance, you’ll get field services professional workers who achieve ownership over their work and feel proud of working for your brand.

Also, remember that incentives don’t have to always be money. Some people would appreciate more having extra time off, or a special activity outside the office. Just be creative and make sure you listen to your team when choosing the appropriate reward for them.

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